What makes GMS different? Direct integration with all  major PSA’s, dedication to quality assurance & your SLA’s, backed with 17 + years of IT support experience!

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What Set’s GMS Apart?

Forget the jack of all trades out there!

We focus solely on providing your MSP business with exceptional Help Desk support, as your trusted Provider. Heroes in our own regard! GMS’ integrity, and commitment to your end users is what sets us apart from the other providers in the market, and serves as the reasons why we continually win new business!

Dedicated To Your Success

Not your ordinary Help Desk

We have assembled an exceptional service desk support team, based solely out of North America that we consider second to none. Our help desk team actually enjoys working with and communicating with your customers, thus allowing us to go above and beyond in every user interaction. For instance, rather than take a call or chat – go through some script and then pass it off to our (MSP) Managed Services Partner, we will train your users in true service desk fashion on how to solve their issue and show them how to avoid it in the future. Only, if we are absolutely stuck and need someone to go onsite, we will enlist the help of your team to take care of the next step in the support process.

Through our Hosted Help Desk Partner Program for MSP’s, we focus on consumer, small and medium business technology; with a specialization on the workstation and the end user.

Our mission is to enable our MSP Partners to deliver managed workstation services, including 24/7 Help Desk/Service Desk support services – for a fraction of the cost of doing it in house.

From MSP Partners, through to major Telco and OEM clients. GMS has adapted our Help Desk Provider Partner management process to fit the needs of some of the tech industries front running players. Our approach is simple yet effective:


Using GMS economies of scale and expertise, our Managed Service Provider Partners have rapidly deployed new Help Desk services, gained a competitive edge using our services as a key differentiator, and captured new revenues with no fixed, or infrastructure investments!

Rather than just selling our partners the tools or software to improve the productivity of in-house support staff. We provide complete turnkey Help Desk resources that fit in with your existing IT Support Team. GMS shares ticket information directly with your team via your existing PSA (such as Autotask or Connectwise) and works to ensure your 1st tier of help desk support remains seamlessly intergrated. After all we are your Help Desk service provider vendor!

Focused On Your End User Experience

White Labelled Help Desk Solution

Our team takes care of all of the dirty work but our partners maintain control of the customer relationship!

We become an integral part and direct extension of your Managed Services team – for a fraction of the cost of hiring and maintaining your own personnel.

Global Mentoring Solutions (GMS) has come a long way since it opened for business in 2001. Our focus at GMS over the last 13 years has been to build our extensive service support and management infrastructure, and provide these service delivery resources to our Fortune 100 ISP, Training and PC Manufacturing partners.

It is good to finally work with a company who makes replying to their partners, and their partner’s clients a priority!