Scalable Outsourced Help Desk Solutions

We do the heavy lifting 24/7 so you can concentrate on growing your IT business.

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Integrated With Your Business Processes

100% white labelled support services integrated directly into your PSA. Keep your finger on the pulse.

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GMS Live Expert your 24/7 Outsourced Help Desk and NOC. Cost Effectively Grow Your IT Services Business!

Outsourced Help Desk

Currently supporting over 100,000 users, GMS provides a scalable North American based IT help desk that ensures optimal customer satisfaction.

Help Desk Integration

We fully integrate to your service offering. Our coaching systems blend proactive and reactive training to support your users.

Service Overview

Let us take your front line; day to day help desk calls so you and your team can focus on growing your business.

White Label Business

We are a help desk company, with an emphasis on customer experience. We provide 24x7x365 support in multiple languages, and across multiple verticals.

MSP Growth Webinar

Are you ready to scale MSP? GMS Live Expert’s 24/7 Outsourced Help Desk might just be the missing link in your growth plan.

Join our resident Managed Services Growth Experts to learn how GMS Live Expert’s Outsourced Help Desk model can help you exponentially scale your IT Services business.


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It is good to finally work with a company who makes replying to their partners, and their partner’s clients a priority!