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There is little argument amongst hockey fanatics that Wayne Gretzky was one of the most talented hockey players to lace up the blades. Are you aware that many of Gretzky’s skills can be used to run a successful MSP business?

Success doesn’t occur by chance.  We can find examples where some MSPs may have “gotten lucky” but those are few and far between.  Too many professionals’ luck happens on purpose, and they rarely simply rely on chance. Everything happens because they practice and put themselves in position for success to occur.

Wayne Gretzky’s most famous quote was “skate to the puck is going to be, not where it is now”.   Gretzky had the unique ability possessed by gifted athletes to know exactly where the puck or ball was going to be just a few seconds before everyone else, leaving him always in the perfect position.  I believe it was this unique skill in being able to see the future that escalated him and a handful of others to the premiere spot amongst their peers.

How can we take this hockey analogy and implement it into your managed service practice?

If one thing is true about our MSP business community, it is this; change is the only thing constant.  Just ask BJ Farmer of Houston IT Consulting firm, CITOC, who named his business after this.  Change is the only thing guaranteed according to many thought leaders in our industry.  If you wait around too long, you may miss opportunity.  We all need to invest in perfecting our ability to see into the changes coming down the pipe.  After all, I am sure if you ask Gretzky, he would tell you that he watched the play develop many seconds prior to making his room to the open ice and being in a position to score.

So what are some of the changes happening in the managed IT services business?  Definitely business is changing as the cloud becomes more and more trustworthy and accepted by business large and small.  Tablets and other mobility solutions are everywhere, and smart devices continue to leave business owners scratching their heads about how to manage the blending of company-owned assets with personal devices.  Can you see the opportunity in just these few examples?

The one thing that will remain constant through the changes and evolution of business is people.  We must continue to deal with people first.  A great MSP help desk is a perfect fit for helping you balance the needs of those you work with and serve and the time needed to balance the ability to see those changes occurring in your market.

Are you ready to find some open ice and put your MSP business in a position to score?

It will take lots of hard work and practice.  Are you willing to make the investment?