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Are we seeing a shift back to one to one marketing campaigns by MSPs?

The debate raged on at the recent MSP University boot camp in Miami last week around the question:

“Are we losing touch with the market due the excessive automation of our MSP marketing efforts?”

Many think so and many those in attendance who at one point outsourced their marketing to one of the many automated marketing services are now pulling back on the reigns.

This is music to my ears.  As a MSP marketing and business consultant, I constantly consult with many of the best MSPs across the globe on their marketing efforts, and this discussion is generating a tonne of interest.

Those IT providers who invest in owning and executing their own unique, high touch marketing campaigns are more successful in the long term.

If marketing automation is not in the cards for larger IT service providers, why do the smaller ones who want to grow continuously slit their own throats by not taking ownership of their MSP marketing efforts?  Interesting question and one I know will generate such debate.

Humanization of your marketing is essential and something I don’t see in the smaller MSP community.  From business-to-business networking to the content posted on corporate blogs, we need to have the human element associated with our marketing efforts.

So what can your MSP do today?

  • The business owner, management team or the people who run the organization must take ownership and lead their marketing efforts instead of just blindly trusting some service to do the right thing.
  • Inject your voice into all of your marketing.  Online, Offline and wherever else you are marketing your business.  You need to have your culture and voice in all aspects of your business.  Your prospects can spot automated marketing; why try to fool them.
  • Focus on one to one touch points for your most valued prospects and on restarting conversations with those who you may have done a small deal with. In other words, farm your database!
  • Get help.  There are many great consultants out there who can help you with the human element of your business.  Don’t just subscribe to a service and walk away.  Take ownership and seek help when require

On such option (forgive the plug) is the upcoming ‘MSP High Scalability’ Sales and Training seminar sponsored by GMS Live Expert on October 21st is a great starting point!

Don’t just automate, humanate!

The same can be said about your MSP help desk and NOC services.  Those successful MSPs who roll out outsourced help desk services know how to inject their corporate culture into their managed services help desk. Remember, people do business with people first, the company second and the product/service last. Humanization must be part of your entire business.