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Forecasting months in advance exactly how many productive working hours you need in a given day, week or month is both a science and an art.

Whether you are a ‘solopreneur’ or managing a team of 15+ in your MSP, how well you align your staffing costs to revenue contribution is one of the most challenging parts of running an IT shop.

Or any service business for that matter.

Hire too fast and you are leaving money on the table which comes right off the top of your profitability. Hire too slow and your customer experience can suffer, causing downstream renewal and referral issues.


Automatically Align Staffing to Revenue

When you partner with an Outsourced Help Desk and NOC like GMS Live Expert, much of this equation is solved automatically.

It can be incredibly challenging to try to predict the number of calls that will come into your Service Desk in a given hour. To run a well-organized team this type of intelligence needs to be forecasted months in advance.

If your team is small and you’re making resourcing decisions by playing the balancing game of assigning staff to wait for the phone to ring or a ticket to come in while they are multitasking on a project – your customer experience is bound to suffer.

With an outsourced partner, there is an easier way. Simply add more seats to your account or remove seats as your business and team structure evolves and let your partner act as your first line of customer contact so issues get resolved quickly and your team is free to focus on billable time!

If you aren’t already offering 24x7x365 availability today.


With GMS, you have the choice of bundling this into your packaging as complementary value add for your customers’ executive team. There’s nothing better than adding value to your customer relationships to demonstrate just how committed you are to going above and beyond!

After all, who hasn’t been working late on a Sunday night and gotten stuck with a seemingly random error message or trying to perfect a critical report.


Your Processes and Procedures at Scale

With GMS, you can simply select the expected timeframes for support and let us know who we should expect to hear from.

From there, we run with your support processes and documentation and make full use of your support stack. All in an effort to offload the support requirements that are holding your team back from truly driving revenue and strategic priorities forward within your business!


Learn how to work with GMS Live Expert in 3 minutes!

Check out this 3-minute rapid pitch video presentation that covers the Outsourced Help Desk and NOC value proposition and you can effectively partner with an outsourced provider to rapidly expand your team!