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Increasingly I have heard that in order for the Managed Service Provider model to work, a commitment is needed from the SMB just as we at GMS Live Expert look for various forms of commitment from our partners.

This notion of having the SMB customer commit to something, anything, enables Value Added Resellers and MSPs to promise a certain level of service by allocating the necessary blend of proactive and reactive resources accordingly.

Many VARs and MSPs have told me what a nightmare it is performing reactive break-fix work (primarily VAR work) for some customers, and simultaneously providing managed proactive services to other customers.

I have been told that most VARs who have made/are making the switch to the MSP model, had to commit and opted to essentially fire up to 25% of their customer base.

A scary thought and potentially unnecessary in my books, such drastic change is certainly a shock to any organization without the proper planning. That said, I believe this figure should be much lower with proper value selling.

This idea of committing from all sides is essentially the core message amongst MSP coaches like marketing system expert Robin Robins and business building sales guru Gary Pica. Both of which, I have heard rave reviews for both from a number of transitioning and successful MSPs.


Getting SMB customers to commit to a service model, with the benefits primarily being long term savings of time and money can be likened to insurance against one’s IT assets and user productivity.

In order for a VAR to commit to transitioning into an MSP, he or she also needs to commit to the idea of long term recurring revenues in exchange for immediate, emergency repair projects and the sporadic revenues associated with doing so.

Finally, commitment to regularly executing and tweaking one’s SMB focused messaging, marketing efforts and sales tactics over the long term is the only way to succeed in this game… being an IT solutions provider is now more than ever about good business – and not just technical excellence.

How GMS Live Expert Helps

I wouldn’t be doing our team any good if I didn’t plug our MSP Help Desk and how we fit into all of this, now would I.

All of these aforementioned opportunities and methodologies speak to the fact that Tier 1 support and remediation remains just as vital as it always has… but with the growing complexity of the options out there;  harder to deliver consistently.

While the amount of clutter in the market, especially for new entrants, is inundating enough as it is – GMS aims to not be ‘just one more thing’ but instead a flexible Managed Help Desk partner that will change with the times.

We aim to fit in with the other opportunities out there, ensure your customers remain satisfied and reminded of the importance of your role in their IT infrastructure design and maintenance.

Just like MSPs are asking SMBs to reassess the whole picture… isn’t it time you did too?