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As I look around at the youth today, I am constantly amazed about how the work ethic in North America has shifted from a “hard work” focus to a “sit around and wait” attitude.  Many parents of teenagers are used to this, but should your clients expect it from their MSP?

Perhaps there is a simple explanation to this ongoing challenge?

In speaking with many leading but smaller managed service providers, many of their challenges simply come from being overworked and not knowing where to start.  This is a common problem, and many small businesses suffer from this simple work overload challenge.

So maybe it is not a work ethic issue in our MSP business but simply just confusion on the many tasks people take on?

Is outsourcing the answer?  During my continuous education as a business owner and entrepreneur, many of my mentors have shared with me the value of outsourcing and why as a leader in business you should outsource all the work you cannot get around to doing or simply do not like to do.

Two immediate areas come to mind that impact MSP companies today — Marketing and Help Desk.

Exceptional customer service is expected from your MSP.  However, many MSPs continue to struggle in this area.  Overworked employees and stressed out management teams are creating an alarming trend of unsatisfied clients.  An outsourced MSP help desk is a great solution to help relieve the stress around overworked staff members and support your culture built on exceptional customer service.

The second major area of concern is around finding time to market your MSP effectively.  Much of MSP Marketing is adhoc and unintentional.  Just like our example above with customer service, I know that many MSPs want a steady flow of new business opportunities from existing clients or to even land the odd new client from time to time.  The challenge is time when marketing for new business; this leads to ongoing stress when results are not produced. Simple solution, focus on what you do best and outsource your MSP marketing to an organization that can help you.

There are many other areas where outsourced specialists can help you.  Look around at where you have shortfalls or just items that you don’t like to do.  Finding someone to help you will help you improve your overall efficiencies and allow your MSP to take care of business.

Do we have a work ethic issue in our MSPs today?

Perhaps not, but we do have issues with workload and finding that balance between growth of our business, providing the services needed and, in some situations, making sure accounting is done.