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Every business reaches a point where you have to strategically decide where to spend your time in order to maximize your impact on the business.

No matter what industry you are in its important to understand the true costs of stretching our resources thin. When you start up it is easy to double or triple the number of hats you or your employees’ wear.

If you have salespeople, are they juggling marketing duties?; or are you as the owner juggling tech, sales, and marketing all by yourself?

There is a huge cost to this! Both in productivity and in burn out.

Do your technicians constantly try to balance their time across help desk calls, onsite support and larger projects. If that sounds familiar, be aware that you may be at risk for burning out your team.

There comes a point where time spent without focus, is not effective AND serves as a bottleneck to your growth.

You have a choice… hire, train and manage more people or outsource.

And let’s face it. It’s incredibly hard to hire good talent and just as hard to empower them to stay focused on those tasks of greater value to your growth.

In fact, staffing/training was recently identified in the Datto State of the MSP as the 2nd largest pain point in the Managed IT Services .

Source: Datto’s 2018 State of the MSP Report

How does an Outsourced Help Desk & NOC Partner Help?

Great question 😉

At GMS Live Expert, we collaborate with IT Service Providers of all shapes and sizes, providing the training and staffing for your help desk and NOC services. Whether you need help with 10 calls or 1,000, during business hours or after or alert monitoring, triage and remediation on any number of network devices – we have you covered.

The GMS Live Expert philosophy revolves around bridging the gaps that are naturally created as a result of your businesses’ evolution.

So, if you have projects falling behind because your lead tech is tied up on help desk calls 50% of the week or even worse your lead tech just resigned and you are not spending enough time filling your talent funnel – GMS Live Expert can help.

So what makes us different than the others? First, we are 100% North American based. We are fully HIPPA, PCI and GDPR compliant.

The key difference is our people. I know everyone says that but we are in the people business so we spend a great deal of time with you during your onboarding process and throughout the first 90 days to understand your business and your customers so that we are able to deliver exemplary service that none of our competitors can beat.

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