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Each month, hundreds of Managed Service Providers assemble to learn how to grow their business and learn from their peers at industry events put on by organizations like MSPU, Robin Robin’s and Gary Pica.  I personally have instructed portions of the MSPU boot camp marketing track program and also shared insights on MSP marketing during the general sessions.

Typically at these events, speakers share the importance of a continuous marketing strategy; and without fail, I sit in the back of the room shocked at how many MSPs still do not understand the importance of marketing or know where to start to market their business in our globally-competitive world.  A competitive landscape where MSPs from other cities are expanding into new territories and even vendors are now entering into the space we once enjoyed.

In order to survive, we must out market many to win our share of business.

Marketing is the life line of your MSP business. Marketing is a skill every business must have and continue to work on each day.  Just like having an effective MSP service desk, marketing will separate you from the pack.  Marketing that speaks to your target market and performs intentionally will net rewards for you at the end of the day.

I have developed a simple yet very effective marketing strategy for MSPs to focus on.  It is not hard, but it does take work and focus and most importantly, EXECUTION to make it happen.

Here are the four critical areas of focus that every MSP must pay attention to when designing their marketing strategy.

TEAM MARKETING  – Everyone in your MSP business must be tuned into the same frequency and on board with every solution your business offers.  Having your team on board with every solution you offer will increase your sales because each member now is completely aware of your entire solution offering.  Nothing stings more when a missed opportunity is revealed simply because a member of your team is not aware of your complete offerings.

EXISTING CLIENTS – It is easier to sell to an existing client than it is to bring a new one on board.  But, many of us focus on new client acquisition versus making sure every one of our clients has the majority of our solutions.  Take the time to determine which clients need what from us, and then market these missing solutions to them.  Nothing is worse than a client who engages another vendor because they didn’t know you offered that solution.

NEW CLIENTS – Everyone loves new clients.  The thrill of the chase and the rush that getting that new MSP contract signed provides great momentum for your team.  New clients are great.  Are you aware that new client acquisition are also the most expensive part of your marketing strategy?  New client marketing is important and we must do it, but it must be in balance with making sure that you are also hitting all your existing clients, old clients, top prospects and the community with a consistent marketing message.

VENDOR MARKETING­ – Most MSPs have no idea about the importance of the vendor community.  Strategic relationships with your key vendors, such as your Live Help Desk are crucial to your MSP success, and you  must also market to your vendors.  Just like we list our clients and solutions offered on the client solution roadmap, we must do the same for our vendors.  Successful MSPs market their services and ensure every vendor is aware of their complete offerings.