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Running a successful MSP company requires planning and execution.  Success just doesn’t occur by accident.  If you ask many of the successful managed services businesses today, you will find out that all of them have a rock solid business plan that they follow, review and make corrections when required.  These same MSPs have everything systematized.

Systems and processes are one of the most critical components to running a successful MSP.  True, passion and vision are what gets the wheels moving in the right direction. It is processes that keep the wheels on the track and keeps your MSP from derailing at the sight of the first obstacle.

Everything has a process.  Marketing, sales, client services and technical support all follow strict guidelines and a set of steps which are proven to net results.

When we look at another crucial success factor, the leaders in our industry have the ability to outsource components of their business that either the MSPs are simply lacking in (marketing, payroll, MSP Help Desk services) or have no desire to staff.  This focus on core strengths and shoring up weaknesses with those who have the skills needed have proven to work.

When my team engages with MSPs on marketing, we often preach that the business owner must continue to own the strategy and outsource the tactical work.  Owning the strategy is essential. Seek guidance but never hand over the keys to the kingdom.  Strategy includes determining the steps needed (systems and process) to successfully deliver a service or engage with a client.

When it comes to your help desk, which is a must today, you only have two choices.  Bring it in-house or outsource to a Live Help Desk service provider.  However, you still have to develop the systems and processes needed to ensure your clients are taken care of.

Where can you turn for help and support?  There are many great firms scattered across the IT industry. CharTec Academy and TruMethods are just a few of the organizations designed to help managed services providers understand the best way to design systems and processes.  You can also engage a MSP coach or business consultant to help with some one-on-one work around your business process development.

I cannot stress the importance enough around systems and processes.  Everything in your business must have a system attached to it.  We are not Rambo firing from the hip; sure, you may hit something from time to time, but ask any sniper about the importance of controlled shots and you will understand how important processes actually are.