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Hosted Help Desk Services for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

There is no question that Managed IT Services is a rapidly expanding market. One that well established IT solution providers are positioned to capitalize on.

Through our Hosted Help Desk Partner Program focused on emerging MSPs, GMS minimizes the risk associated with your growth. Our team provides complete hosted help desk and user management services. We handle all of your customers PC, Mac, App or Peripheral questions via front line phone, 24/7 chat or email and through your tools or our own, can remotely
manage your customers PC, Mac and server requests.

The Opportunity: Hosted Help Desk Services through the GMS Partner Program

  • Offer North American based Hosted Help Desk Services to your customers, white labelled under your brand through our MSP Help Desk Partner Program.
  • Re-allocate your support resource to lucrative project and strategic work
    • Scale with our team, let us handle your PC, Mac, 3rd party application and 1st tier work
    • Let GMS tie in with your PSA; we keep things seamless and simple as we co-ordinate with your team

With GMS you can now comfortably bid on business that you may never have been able to before due to infrastructure shortages all thanks to our comprehensive hosted help desk solution. Wouldn’t it be nice to start the conversation with a prospect with how you can handle their end users issues 24/7?

Have a big opportunity? We’ll even sit in on the calls with you to ensure it all goes smoothly!

All of our support staff are full time Global Mentoring Solutions (GMS) employees, and have over 20 certificates on average with 10+ experience years in the IT Business. You can rest assured that your customers needs are in the hands of a truly capable help desk team.

By partnering with GMS, you can grow your business – add new revenues, decrease your support costs, and continue to find new, innovative ways to serve your customers as we continually grow our offering to meet the needs of our hosted help desk Partners.

GMS backs all of our work with detailed monthly reporting, and quality programs to ensure a positive experience for your users.

We have even gone so far as to develop a bi-directional connection to the major PSAs, ensuring you have all of your users ticket data at your finger tips when you need it most! Thanks to our dedicated Account management team, GMS will work with you to maintain your customer relationships, and help you to analyze their technology needs as we serve them to identify trends and potential opportunities.

Quick Service Level Statistics and Details:

  • 96% Customer Satisfaction rating to date!
  • 98% Subscription Renewal Rate to date
  • 7 second response time in chat, less than 90 seconds by phone… Impressive considering we train your customers on how to improve their productivity AND solve their issues!
  • Continuous reporting of all user interventions and resolutions (PSA and Executive Reporting)
  • Toolset Integration, use our PSA and RMM tools, or have us integrate with your Connectwise, Tigerpaw, Kaseya, Labtech, LPI or Zenith managed service tools.

Get in touch with GMS today to explore exactly how our Hosted Help Desk team can integrate with your business! Contact GMS Today!